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Tasklet factory supplies user-friendly mobile applications for Microsoft Dynamics NAV with offline functionality.

They optimise user productivity, minimise errors and save costs. The solutions are widely recognised as extremely user-friendly and quick to implement, meaning low costs for implementation, upgrade and maintenance.

Complete Mobile Solutions

These are complete and ready-to-use mobile solutions that include the mobile application, the integration to the ERP system and the hardware too, if you wish. Choosing the right mobile devices is key to a successful mobile solution and customers benefit from Tasklet Factory’s many years of experience in supplying mobile solutions and delivering devices. Tasklet’s software functions with devices from Honeywell, Motorola and Zebra Technologies.

Industry coverage

Tasklet solutions are used in many different industries from hospitals, food and beverage, cosmetics, furniture, clothing, printing and transport to manufacturing. Our customers have a zero acceptance of errors and rely heavily on a 100% accurate information flow. Using the mobile applications enables them to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Tasklet Factory’s team has been involved in the development of mobile applications and integration to Dynamics NAV for many years. Its focus has always been to develop the best and most powerful mobile applications. Tasklet Factory is based in Aalborg in Denmark. Fenwick Software has partnered with Tasklet to bring these applications to Australia.

To find out more about Tasklet Factory, visit their website www.taskletfactory.com

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