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After a five-month Industry Based Learning placement at Fenwick Software Jake was offered a position with the company in 2011. He is involved in the implementation and adaptation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV based systems, including development for Fenwick Gold. Jake has a strong background in web development, various development languages such as PHP, C# and VB.NET and an interest in mobile development. He developed Fenwick’s web site.

With the release of NAV 2016, NAV is now even more integrated with Microsoft Azure Cloud platform such that customers can now enjoy all the benefits of NAV anytime anywhere without the overhead of initial outlay. Jake Edwards explains more…

Have you ever called an IT partner for support only to discover they know less about the problem than you do? We’ve taken steps to help ensure that any of our consultants can respond to your requests by making the whole team’s wealth of knowledge and experience available to everyone. This knowledge and experience is […]