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A system for your Business

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software enables you to use a system of integrated applications to automate many back-office functions and help you to manage your business efficiently and profitably. Typically, it will include a mix of financial accounting, management accounting, order processing, supply chain management, manufacturing, human resources, project management and customer relationship management.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV range of software and associated add-ons allows us to tailor solutions to your needs. Moreover, our own suite of add-on modules, designed to meet specific Australian requirements, enable us to deliver results economically with less customisation.

The Fenwick team has extensive experience with the ERP systems and is Australia’s leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementer.

What our clients are saying

What do you need from your ERP system?

We could begin by showing you all the wonders of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV software. We don’t.

Our first task is to analyse what an ERP System can do for your business. We start with you, what you need, what’s worked in the past, what hasn’t, and where you want to head in the future. Working closely with you, we help to improve productivity and efficiency and deliver business benefits. Clients are often pleasantly surprised at how much difference sound advice, the right system and appropriate training can make.

With Fenwick Software you’ll enter a long term, beneficial relationship that is all about supporting your business and delivering business benefits. Together, we create systems that work. We care.

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