enwis) Waste Management & Recycling

enwis) has been developed specifically for the Waste Management and Recycling industry and fully road-tested in over 400 companies worldwide. enwis), by tegos, provides a completely integrated ERP solution.

  • One integrated system
    Built upon the stable Microsoft Dynamics NAV framework
  • Easy to learn and use
    Get people up to speed quickly with the familiar Microsoft look and feel

By 2056 Australia’s population is projected to exceed 35 million, placing increased pressure on our natural environment and its resources. In the15 years from 1997 to 2012 the amount of waste generated increased by 145% (ABS: 4602.0.55.005). There is a growing awareness of the value of waste management that incorporates a sustainable recycling system, and a realisation of the damage excessive waste is doing to the environment. This has led to investment in the efficient collec tion and processing of waste.

In 2006 Fenwick Software partnered with the German company tegos to deliver their integrated waste and recycling solu tion, enwis), to the Australasian region. Since then we have built on our decades of experience implementi ng systems for businesses, working with our clients in the waste and recycling industry. We help them improve their processes and fine tune enwis) to provide value by reducing manual opera tions, automati ng processes and providing more accurate and timely informa tion.

Over the course of this journey we have developed our knowledge of this multi -faceted industry and penned various blogs discussing our experiences. We have consolidated these into a booklet, along with some product informati on and snippets of client feedback.

Read our blog booklet for enwis)

Discover how Alex Fraser, a leader in waste management and recycling systems, reduced customer service errors, improved employee performance, and positively impacted bottom line results using enwis).

One integrated system

enwis) Logoenwis) is built on the stable Microsoft Dynamics NAV framework. It’s a complete solution that is fully adaptable, and fully integrated with your familiar Office software such as Outlook and Excel. It allows your business to simplify compliance and streamline your financial systems, weighbridge operations, and transport logistics – all in the one package.

Reducing risk, errors, and costs

enwis) works to maximise efficiencies across your organisation, which in turn reduces costs, minimises errors and reduces risk. The tracking and processing of waste is simplified and allows EPA reporting to be handled simply and efficiently. Our studies show that any organisation that implements enwis), will maintain a competitive edge over the rest of the industry. In fact, more than 180 companies worldwide now use enwis) to drive their daily waste management and recycling system operations.

Easy to learn and easy to use

Get people up to speed quickly with the familiar Microsoft look and feel. Microsoft’s role tailored client and business intelligence allows you to view and prioritise job specific tasks to help you work smarter and more efficiently.

Main features

  • Integrated Financials
  • Contract Management
  • Equipment Rental and Management
  • Invoicing and Rebates
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Vehicle Tracking and Communication
  • Multi-Currency
  • Material Management and Processing
  • Integrated Weighbridge
  • Service Agreement Management
  • Automatic Order Generation
  • Run Planning
  • Drag and Drop Dispatch Scheduling
  • Hazardous Material Tracking and Reporting
  • Multi-Site Handling
  • Microsoft Certified

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Certified by Dynamics NAVenwis) by tegos is certified by Microsoft®, as part of the Microsoft Dynamics certification program.

tegos GmbH specialises in software for the recycling industry. Complete, simple, flexible, proven in practice.
tegos LogoFor more than a decade, tegos has provided a complete business software for companies in all areas of waste management, recycling and commodities trading. Fenwick Software is the Australian partner for enwis).